Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit

Deposit your foreign currencies for
a fixed period & earn higher interest

Available in:




  • Age 18 and above
  • Chinese citizens, residents of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and foreigners
How to apply

Interest rates

Foreign currency fixed deposit interest rates

USD10,000 – 29,999Yearly Interest rate
USD30,000 and aboveYearly Interest rate
HKD50,000 – 249,999Yearly Interest rate
HKD250,000 and aboveYearly Interest rate
SGD10,000 – 29,999Yearly Interest rate
SGD30,000 and aboveYearly Interest rate
AUD10,000 – 29,999Yearly Interest rate
AUD30,000 and aboveYearly Interest rate
EUR7,200 and aboveYearly Interest rate
JPY1,200,000 and aboveYearly Interest rate
NZD10,000 and aboveYearly Interest rate
GBP4,800 and aboveYearly Interest rate
CAD10,000 and aboveYearly Interest rate
CHF10,000 and aboveYearly Interest rate

Note: If the remaining sum after early withdrawal is less than the deposit amount required for corresponding deposit tiers,the interest rate for the remaining sum will be adjusted according to the tier appropriate to the remaining sum.

Easy ways to access & manage your money

Internet banking

Track your money

Check your accounts, loans, investments and fixed deposits anytime and anywhere, with the convenience of online banking.

Enhanced online security

We use international-standard encryption technology to safeguard all your online transactions. For important online transactions, customers are also required to input not only the PIN, but also a one-time password, as a second level of authentication protection.

Renewal options

  • Renewal of principal only, interest to be credited to savings account
  • Renewal of both principal and interest, with the same maturity period
  • No renewal needed, both the deposit and interest will be credited to your savings account

How to apply

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