OCBC China issues UnionPay standard RMB debit cards that combine multiple functions. With this card, you can easily conduct or obtain:

  • Cash deposit and withdrawal

  • Payment at merchants

  • Wealth management

  • Other comprehensive services provided by the bank through our branches and e-banking channel, and China UnionPay‘s domestic and overseas acceptance network.

How to Apply
You can apply for a debit card at any of our branches that offer personal
banking services with your valid ID card
  • Withdraw cash through China UnionPay ‘s domestic and overseas acceptance network (subject to transaction limits)

  • Check account balance through China UnionPay’s domestic and overseas ATM acceptance network

  • Enjoy the relevant transaction fee reduction and exemption offered by the Bank (if applicable, please refer to “Business Charge Standards and Preferences” for details)

  • Make card payment at China UnionPay‘s domestic and overseas POS merchants 

  • Participate in various promotional activities provided by China UnionPay and its merchants

  • Enjoy the benefits of premium products such as UnionPay Platinum Card (if applicable)

Self-service terminal with cards
  • Handle various payment transactions efficiently through the self-service terminals provided by China UnionPay ‘s affiliated institutions

  • Conduct other transactions such as top-up and credit card repayment, etc.

China UnionPay Quick Pass
  • Make mobile payments via China UnionPay Quick Pass. With financial-grade security of UnionPay, funds are safe and transactions are worry-free

  • Credit card repayment, mobile phone top-up, utility payment and funds transfer can be done at one stop

  • Enjoy all kinds of preferential rights of UnionPay

WeChat Pay
  • Use our debit card for payment, transfer, balance withdrawal and WeChat red packet transaction through WeChat app

  • Support multiple currencies and payment scenarios, including online shopping, offline spending, cross-border payment, etc.

  • High-standard data encryption, rich security products, safe online shopping

  • From utility payment to credit card repayment and mobile phone top-up, everything's sorted on your phone

  • Online interbank transfer, cost-effective and convenient (Alipay withdrawal is not supported for the time being)