Investment Portfolio Management

Provides a comprehensive suite of onshore and offshore products, tailored according to investment goals and risk profile, to help customer grow the investment portfolio, enhance returns and diversify risks.

Structured Deposits

Structured deposits are deposits embedded in financial derivatives, where the returns are dependent on the performance of underlying financial instruments such as interest rates, foreign exchange rates, indices or credits. By investing in the derivatives of specific underlying asset, it allows investors to obtain relevant returns while taking certain risks.

Structured deposits allows potentially higher returns compared to fixed deposits. Structured deposits can be 100% principal protected or non-principal protected. 100% principal protected products enable clients to participate in the global financial market without risking the principal. By investing in different underlying assets, structured deposits could provide clients a diversified portfolio that reduces investment risk.

With no management fees and your choice of investment tenor, this is an attractive investment opportunity for investors looking for enhanced yield.