To improve corporate customers’ financial efficiency, OCBC China provides clients with diversified liquidity management solutions such as entrustment loans and cash pooling etc.
Entrustment Loan

Entrustment loan refer to the inter-company loan between lender and borrower. They will decide loan usage, amount, currency, tenor and interest rate.

Cash pooling

Group customer designates a company as the cash pool main head account, and other companies in the group as sub-accounts. The bank sweeps the positive funds in the sub-account into the main account at the end of each day. When the funds in the sub-account are insufficient, the funds are borrowed automatically from the group's fund pool members. 


  • Reduce financing costs: transform bank financing into intra-group financing, and use the group's own funds to replace bank’s loans. 

  • Each participating company enjoys the benefits

  • Centralized funding management