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Our bank will always consider your information security as our primary task. For detailed understanding of our privacy and security protection policies and other security information and operation skills on protection of you from internet fraud, please see Special session of Security Tips .

If you doubt that your user information has been divulged, or find any abnormal login or transaction information on the e-banking, please:

  • Suspend all e-banking transaction as many as possible;

  • Contact with your information security department immediately for safety scanning;

  • Change password immediately;

  • Dial our Bank's service hotline and get contact with us immediately.

Beware of SMS Phishing Attacks

Since February 10, 2021, the banking industry has suffered massive SMS phishing attacks. To date, hundreds of customers of more than 200 banking institutions have suffered losses from stolen funds of more than 10 million yuan. We recommend that customers should be vigilant when receiving SMS messages. Here are some precautions for your consideration:

1. The domain name of our Bank’s official website is, and please be alert to any website with a domain name similar to our Bank’s.

2. If the text message you receive contains external links, please be extra alert and do not open email attachments or web links from unknown sources.

3. Please always access the Internet Banking login interface through the Bank's official website, do not use browser favorites, and do not search through Baidu, Google, etc.

4. Criminals often send numerous spam SMS using pseudo base stations, and the real sender cannot be identified by the sender number of the SMS.

5. Counterfeit websites often use the Bank's official logo, images, and design style, which are very difficult to recognize and differentiate simply from the content of the webpage.

How can I be sure that I am accessing the Bank's website?

6. Do not complete billing and authorization operations on the same computer.

Security Alert: Prevent from virus, Trojan, worm and other malicious software

There comes a new type of virus that attacks the browser, alter the transaction information and steal the clients’account capital. We suggest that our clients should be more alert in using internet. There are some preventive measures for your reference:

1、Make sure the anti-virus software installed in your computer is the most updated version;

2、Regularly scan your computer to eliminate potential Trojan virus and malicious software;

3、Do not open email appendix with unknown source or browse website linkage with unknown source;

4、Do not complete orders and gives authorization on the same computer;

5、Only copyrighted software could be installed and used;

6、Regularly check and update security patches of the system;

7、Avoid use our e-banking on a public computer;

8、Select the safer special computer in your company to use e-banking;

9、Use lastest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox Explorer;

10、Enable Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 protocol of the explorer.

How to enable TLS1.2?